Our Blackfella Way Wellbeing Centre will be a place of counselling, love and holistic Aboriginal led support. We are developing our programs to support men and women, children and babies through the most challenging issues. Whenever possible, we will employ Aboriginal staff. When this is not possible, we will only employ culturally sensitive and trained social workers, case workers, counsellors, medical practitioners, and program leaders. Our Board of Directors will be majority Aboriginal. Our steering committee will comprise experienced members of the community with strong portfolios in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and welfare issues, not for profit organisations and fundraising, grant writing and research.

We believe that FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS, mothers, fathers, children and babies are the most important parts of our lives. When these relationships break down, we are lost, confused and self-destructive. Our culture and identity are founded on the strength of FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS and bonds that have been systemically and systematically eroded and lost. Our aim is to rebuild our families and reclaim our identities with strength and pride. It’s not about making money, it’s about making people well.

Our logo represents family relationships, the importance of children and babies, and strength in community coming together.

Symbol key: The most outer circle of black with white dots represents community coming together in yarning circles. The next circle shows four families sitting around a yarning circle, adult men and women, mothers, fathers and elders sharing and connecting. The inner circle shows children and babies protected within the outer circle with family members protecting the little ones. The yellow semi circles are the children and little circles are babies. This shows the importance of children caring for younger siblings. The four tracks coming into the yarning circle show families coming together to share their stories.



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